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SG Eco Vent – BS & CEN Standards

Our SG Eco Vent was tested by Wintech in March 2009 with the test vent being 1.2m wide by 2.0m high.

The test sequence was to determine the weather tightness of the sample with respect to air permeability, water penetration, and wind resistance. The vent passed both BS and CEN standards at the first attempt . We then retested using 100PA as the test criteria and still passed class 4 in all categories.

The following summarises the results of testing carried out, in accordance with BS 6375 part 1: 2004 and the relevant testing and classification standards.

  Test method & Classification Standard Achieved Max. Test Pressure. Classification
Air Permeability BS EN 1026:2000
BS EN 12207:2000
600Pa Class 4
Water Tightness BS EN 1027:2000
BS EN 12208:2000
1050Pa Class E1050
Wind Resistance BS EN 12211:2000
BS EN 12210:2000
P1: 2400 Pa
P2: 1200 Pa
P3: 3600 Pa
Class CE2400

 Please ask for a complete test report if required.