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Blast Resistance Test

Our SG101/102 and SG Eco Vent were tested for blast resistance in 1997. The system was subjected to explosive pressure generated by the detonation of a 12kg TNT cylindrical charge.

The explosion pressure measurements were as follows;

Peak reflected pressure (on front face) – 383.7 kPa

Average reflected pressure (across face) – 343.9 kPa

Peak reflected impulse (total blast energy) – 547.7 kPa msec

Average reflected impulse (across face of test specimen) – 486.6 kPa msec

Duration of blast load – 6.17 msec

The test results showed that the combination of our frames and DC993 structural sealant performed exceptionally well under the blast loading and no evidence was found of any form of delamination.

Please ask for a full test report if required.